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' runaway train '

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FRIENDS ONLY!!! [03 Sep 2004|05:36pm]

From now on.....


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[02 Sep 2004|01:09am]
You are SALUTE YOUR SHORTS. You are a wangsta who
knows business. You have fun in the sun and
know how to have a good laugh.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
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Oh hollerr.  I miss that show =[

Old school nickelodeon definetely kicks modern day nickelodeon's ass.

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My laptop hates me. [30 Aug 2004|11:25pm]

Anyone remember when my laptop got really messed up towards the end of the year?  Yeah, well if you don't, it got really messed up and it took the damn school two weeks to fix.  Yay! It happened again today!  And my dad found that there is a crack in it, causing the gayness.  It could have been there from the first time that it got messed up, and they just didn't see/fix it.  Or it could have just happened.  Either way I'm screwed.  YAYYY!!!

Ughhhhhhhhhh, someone shoot me.

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queeesadillass [29 Aug 2004|12:36am]

Haha, these past few days were soo much fun.

On Wednesday night, I came home from Lauren's house.  I didn't really mind though because I was going to be coming back on Saturday (today) so it's not like I wasn't going to see her in a while.  Earlier, I had hinted to my sister that I wanted to go and get icecream, and I got home and said that her, me, Chris, Keith, and Jessica were going to go to ColdstoneI love Coldstone.  Of course, I got my Birthday Cake Remix w00t w00t!  It's so great, and it get's better every time.  Then, we went home.  On Thursday my sister took Jessica and I out to eat at O'Connors.  Jessica and I got quesadillas, she got a salad bar and I got motzerella sticks.  They were veryy good although the quesadillas were like midgitized.  The whole dinner my sister and I were drooling over the Toll House Cookie CakeWe couldn't wait for dessert so that we could have it.  Then when we ordered it the waitress told us that they were all out of it.  So, I said that I wanted cheesecake.  They were all out of plain, but they brought me this chocolate mint chip kind, with a chocolatey crust.  It was really good, but kinda too sweet.  Anyway, then we left and we went to go see The Princess Diaries - Royal Engagement.  It was really cute, haha.  Then we went back to Chris' house and we chilled there.  We watched MTV and Keith schooled me in SpitDon't worry boy, I will getchuu!!  Hmm, then Yesterday, all of us went to Keith's soccer game.  It was a lot of fun, haha Jessica ran through the sprinkler.  Sillyness.  (Hope that your leg gets better Keith!)  Then, we went back to the house and Chris whipped up the best but most unhealthy dinner.  Bruchetta with these good cracker things, cheeses, tomatoes with motzerella cheese, bread dipped in olive oil, strawberries, grapes, watermelon.. and the VANILLA WAFERS that my sister was strangely addicted to.  I hid them from her once but she noticed that they were missing right away.   Then we watched Taking Lives. It was really goodd.  Keith beat in again in Spit.  Oh well.  Anyway, now I'm at Lauren's house and we are just sitting here.  We just got out of the hot-tub, and pool, and I'm about to go and eat some more chinese food.. I'll talk to you people later.<3

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how many ghetto things can YOU find? [26 Aug 2004|12:23am]

Hihi.  Hmm, I went to Lauren's house yesterday really early in the morning.  I woke up at like 6:45 and her dad picked me up like an  hour later.  Wow, I just realized how early that was.  Anyway, he took be to Dunkin Donuts where I got a coffee that woke me up, completely.  He told me the story about this woman who was hilarious at Dunkin Donuts one time.  "Yeahhh, I wanna bagel.  NO.  An EVERYTHING BAGEL.  And toast that shit... TWICE!" Haha, that was great.  Then we had discussions about cars like Hummers and how much better the H1 is and how the H3 looks like a Barbie Tonka.  ::cringes::.  Then we got to the house and I woke up Lauren because that's how I do.  And, I'm not sorry.  Then we made tuna, and watched TV.  We went swimming too. We became gaming nerds as we played Halo, hahaha.  We later took a nap because we were still tired, and the lack of sleep was taking it's toll.  And, Lauren is now referred to as the "Mexican Lawn Slave."  You will see why in the pictures that I'm going to post at the end of the entry. Then at night time we went out for a walk.  The end. 

We woke up this morning because Tara called.  It was like 11:00, blahh.  We went over Marissa's house and played a never ending game of Uno.  Haha, I wanted to shoot myself.  It seriously wouldn't end.  Then we were calling 411 to try to find movie times, and we called every store in Woodbridge Mall to see if they had airforces.  I told Lauren to check Menlo, but she wouldn't.  Of course, I checked and they had them.  Go me.


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[22 Aug 2004|07:10pm]

Heyy, I spent the whole weekend at Katie's house.  My parents dropped me off here on Friday, so that I wouldn't have to go to Pennsylvania.  I miss my grandmother though.  Anyway, so we got here on Friday and we just stayed on our laptops all night, which is what we do now because her awesome mother got the internet to work  Many of my nights here are going to be similar, I'm afraid.  We went to sleep at 5:00. Nice.  Insomniac kinda?  So then we got up a little bit after 11:00, and we were getting ready to pick up Katie's boyfriend at the train station.  His train got delayed though, because some guy committed suicide and jumped in front of the train.  Awwh.  That's sad.  And so then we went to pick Paul up and came back to Katie's house and hung out.  We were going to go to Menlo Mall, but the weather was really crappy and it would have been extremely pointless.  So we just hung around the house.  Her mommy made yummy dinner. =].  Then, Keira came over a little bit later.  We went for a walk to Quick Check.  Hahaha, "Yeah Mexi!" Oh, and before I forget.  Keira and I are married, and I love her.  So then, we played some Monopoly and watched the Olympics.  It was fun.  My brother, Sean is like my new best friend and he's being wicked awesome.  He came and dropped off Office Space which we watched of course. 

Office Space: In It's Greatness...

  1. "Excuse me.  I believe you have my stapler."

  2. "My desk used to be by the window, and I could see the squirrels and they were married.."

  3. "Payroll told me to talk to Mr. Luhmberg and Mr. Luhmberg told me to talk to payroll, and I said to them, I still haven't recieved my paycheck, and then they took my stapler and they NEVER gave it back, and then they moved my desk to storage room B."

  4. "I will set the building on fire."

  5. "What would you do if you had a million dollars?"  "I'll tell you what I'd do .. two chicks at the same time!"

  6. "I had one of those once.. it was a.. "jump to conclusions" matt!  It was a matt, that you would put on the floor.  And on it, there were different conclusions, that you could.. JUMP to!"... "That is the worst idea I have ever heard."  "Yes, it is terrible.. this idea."

  7. OOOOO it feels good to be a gangster.

  8. "Yeahh, hi."

  9. "MMkay."

  10. "Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you to come into work on Saturday.  If you could be hear by 9:00 that would be greaatt.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I'm going to have to ask you to come in on Sunday too.  We are losing some people and we need to, catch up.  See ya then."

  11. "Michael Balton.  Wow, you must be a fan of the pop-singer, Michael Balton.  What's your favorite song of his."  "Uhh, well gee.  I like them all."  "HAHAHAHA!  That's what I said!"

  12. "Joanna, I notice that you are only wearing 15 peices of flare." "Ok, well here's MY flare!"

  13. "Get a room you two!"

  14. "Can you walk us through a typical day for you?" "Yeah, sure.  Well, first I usually arrive about 15 minutes late. And I use the side door so that Luhmberg can't see me.  And then, I space out for about an hour." "Space out?"  "Yeah, I look at my computer screen and make it look like I'm working.  And then I space out for another hour again after lunch. Hmm, on a given day, I say I do about... 15 minutes of actual work."

  15. "I ate the worm."

  16. "Now Milton, pass the cake to make sure everyone gets a piece!"

  17. "If things go well, I'll be showing her my "O" face.  Oh, Oh, Oh!


  19. "Back up in your ass with the resurrection!"

  20. ::Locks door and turns down music when black guy walks by::

  21. ::Man in walker beats Peter when he's in traffic::

  22. "Looks like SOMEBODYS got a case of the mondays!" - thanks lauren!

Haha, now if you haven't seen that movie than you have to go out RIGHT NOW and buy it.  That's right, I said buy it.  Don't rent it.  Because it's just so great that you are going to want to own it and watch it over and over again.  So take my advice. 

Anyway, haha, thank you again Sean for dropping that off.  He stayed and was talking to Mrs. Mommy for a while.  Awh that's cute. So then, after the movie was over, Keira and I went back upstairs and chilled.  Then we had to take Paul home.  Haha we were afraid that we were going to be late, and then we had this old guy in front of us and Mrs. Mommy cut in front of him.  But it was LEGAL. Not illawlal.  Which is my new world, meaning, it isn't legal.  (Shh don't tell me that that word is "illegal" , i dont like that word, its overrated.  Then we came home and went to sleep at 5:00 again.  AND. We woke up at 3:30 this afternoon.  How awesome is that?  You know that you wish that you could sleep this late.  Soo anyway, when we got up we made some quesadillas.  They were the sex.  Then since it was a beautiful day out we decided that we wanted to go for a walk.  We walked to East End, took pictures, and then went to 7-Eleven.  We got slerpees and Red Bull.  Andd, Katie got a slim-jim.  She loves those things, teehee.  Now we are sitting in Katie's room and we are watching Boy Meets World.  The kitty is playing with change, how cute.  She gave me so many bruises, she bites me and then licks me.  I guess that's her way of playing.

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Join. [21 Aug 2004|11:24pm]
Join because Kaitlin says so.

... If you don't I will eat you. Enough said.

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sexy? [20 Aug 2004|09:41pm]

You know that you love my lew layout, don't deny it.  If you don't know who it's a picture of, than I don't know why I'm friends with you.  But if you would like to know, it's Adriana Lima, who is the sexiest girl inthe universe.  I know that you enjoy staring at her.  Right now I'm at Katie's, and we are watching the Exorcist.  Haha, "you fucking bastard!"  I love that little child.


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[19 Aug 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I made a layout because I'm so unbelievably awesome.  I made the background and everything.  Tell me if you like it.

Did you ever have a relationship and connection with someone, that suddenly turned to dust?  You used to be so close with this person, but circumstances pushed you further and further apart?  And now this person is going away, and you aren't sure if you will still see/keep in touch with them?  Yeah, that's how I feel.Ugh.  I hate it.

Thank you so much to Kate Giggles.  You always make me feel better, it's crazy.  And of course, Sara Ferreira.  You tell it like it is, but make it seem better somehow.  I love you girls so much.  My appreciation is undescribable.  Thank you.

They made me feel a lot better.

And thanks to Lauren, for listening to my problems about psycoticness and what I can and can't do. Stupid bubble. Everyone, join Katie and my community: Read more...Collapse )
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Just a thought .. what's up with me and having Orlando Bloom in all my results?

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"no computer for 48 hours!" [17 Aug 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I'm such a nerd.  I was grounded from going out and the computer for 48 hours.  For normal people that wouldn't be a big deal, maybe I have no life?  That could explain it, I guess. ..

I went shopping at Woodbridge Mall today.  That place makes me happy.  I got pink timbs, diesels, and clothes from Bebe and Aeropastale  The guy working at Aero was SO hot.  Pshah.

I feel like flying ...

What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
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NOO! I don't want to kill him. Oh well, sorry Orlando.

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[14 Aug 2004|07:09pm]

if you LOVE  me comment and tell me that you do ;-)

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"Daddy, I thought that those things weren't supposed to move!" [14 Aug 2004|03:41pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I've lived at Katie's house for the past few days.  Weee!  Yesterday was loads of fun.  Raul and Claire had their get together! I'm so glad that they hung out, cause they haven't in a really.. really long time.  We picked up Corinne on the way, and headed off to Menlo Mall.  We met up with Jill!  Ahh I missed my girls, I haven't seen them in seriously, forever.  Katie and I got chinese food, and we were just chatting.  After that we went into random stores.  I loved the bewildered and scared look among Jills face as she was forced to walk into Express and Gap.  I gave her a makeover though;  she looked sexayyy.   Then we went into Gap Kids.  We modeled in the window, like manakins.  Jill was oh so classy with her pink kiddy backpack.   I wasn't to stylish though.  I just wore my normal clothes.  Haha this little 2 year old kid walked by with his daddy, and I swear that he must have been thinking to himserlf.. "Daddy, I thought that those things weren't supposed to move!"  I have no idea how Jill kept a straight face, haha I couldn't stop laughing.  It was lots of fun.  Katie and Corinne left us, but we just wound up hanging out with some old friend's of Jills.  And we got to see Jill's mama! I love her, she's so awesome.  It was fun fun fun.  Then I went back to Katie's house and waited for my brother to take me home.   Haha, Mrs. Moore was doing her kitty interpretations.  I love her =].  That's all for now.  Comment?


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death to immature people!!! [09 Aug 2004|11:41pm]

Hahaa, Saturday was GREAT!

I went to the feast around 5:00.  I got there at first and had absolutely no one to chill with.  Keira was going to be coming later, so I had to find someone until she got there.  At first I was just hanging out with Paul.  Then I ran around frantically, trying to find Brittany and Megan.  They were spotted by various people, but I couldn't find them cause there were so many people there.  I took a break, and got my bracelet.  As I was walking away they ran up to me. Yayy!  We went on the bumper cars like 500 times, the sizzler, the rocket thingy, and then the swinging ship.  I will never forget Megan's face when we went on the ship--it was priceless. I'm sorry that we made you go on that.  It's on in the love.. really.  Then, Keira got there at 6:30.  Bracelet's ended at 7:00, so we were debating on whether or not it was worth it to buy one.  We decided that we should, but then we found out that they weren't selling them anymore.  We wondered why they wouldn't just sell them to us.  They would get more money!  Idiots.  Megan was hanging out with Joe Casey so I had the brilliant idea to ask Megan for hers.  Sure enough, since Megan is the coolest, she let Keira have hers.  So Keira put it around her wrist and held it on with my hair tye.  Can we say -- GHETTO.  It worked though, we are so cool.  We went on some rides, and then we went into the bumper cars and there was this little 12 year old that kept bumping his car into mine, like he thought that he was cool or something.  He was making all these "kissing" motions, by licking his lips and stuff like that.  Seriously, ew.  After we were done with the bumper cars, Keira and I decided that we were going to go on the Ferris Wheel.  We went on it, and sure enough those two stupid 12 year old boys decided that they wanted to go on them too.  And, sure enough, they were exactly 180 degrees (that's half a circle.. wow i'm smart) from us, meaning that when we were on the bottom, they were on the top, and vice versa.  They SPIT on us. Seriously, stop being so immature.  They kept looking down at us and stuff too, what losers.  Then also persisted on stalking us throughout the rest of the night.  They followed us to get food, and all that stuff.  They were so annoying.  Keira and I bought our powdered sugar pizza frites, and went to the stips of the rectory to eat it.  Were we supposed to? No. Did I care? No. Father Stab loves me, so he wouldn't care if I like set the place on fire, haha it's great.  Then, these 3 guys walked up to us.  I had no idea who they were but apparently they go to Keira's school.  So, we were talking to them for a while.  Haha, Keira.. Shawn, Sean, however you spell his name.. is sooo bangin!!! Ahh that is the first thing that I said to her.  They went away, and then we went for a walk to Dunkin Donuts.  We got coffee, and in the time-span of about an hour I peed 4 times.  Haha, that is what coffee does to me I guess.  Right when we got back to the feast, we met up with those guys again, and we were just walking around.  Those immature little boys found us .. AGAIN.  We had the guys go and tell them to chill back, haha it was funny. "Okay, you guys go to the left, I will go to the right." They like trapped them, it was great.  Those two boys were still taking glances at us though, oh well.  Then, again, we went to sit at the rectory.  We got a little .. "closer." with eachother.  Haha, I had to pee again so I had Keira ring the doorbell to see if anyone answered, and some woman that was working the kitchen dud.  I told her that I had left something in the rectory for the other night that I was working, which was true.. I had left my stuffed animal.. he's cool. His name is Mister Rat.  And I <3 him.  While we were there, Keira and I used the bathroom, but we had to get passed Rex.  Haha, that's always interesting, but we managed.  Then, we went back outside to sit on the steps of the rectory.  Father Stab came up at one point, and I thought that he was going to scream at me for the other night, but it turned out that he didn't even mention it.  Haha I'm telling you he never yells at me.  I don't think that he has the heart to.  That's a good thing though. Hmm, then the guys left, and Keira and I were walking around again.  It was COLD.  We were freezing.  We saw Chev and we walked around with him for a little bit.  Sure enough, those immature boys spotted us.  The one was like ... "Ohh look, it's them!" So I go up to them because I'M NOT A PUSSY and I said to them.. "Excuse you, isn't it your bedtime?  It's 10:00." And they were like.. "No, we are in 8th grade." WOW! 8th GRADE! YOU ARE REALLY OLD. Pllleasse.  Haha the one was like.. "It's iight imma just brush you off." I was like.. "Alright white boy."  I hate immature little boys.  Seriously.  Then, my daddy came and picked up Keira and I and dropped Keira off.  It was the end to an awesome dayy.  Ii lovee youuu Keira!! =]

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[06 Aug 2004|11:28pm]

Sorry for my lack of updating.  Been kinda busy and didn't feel like writing..

Since Tuesday, it was the Fatima Feast.  I went with Katie and Keira on Wednesday, it was fun because it was bracelet night.  We went on rides, chilled in the rectory, and all that good stuff.  We went yesterday too, but it wasn't as fun.  Probably because it was just the three of us, and we couldn't go on rides because it was bracelet night.  I "worked" in the rectory and then got blasted this morning for something that I didn't even do.  Thankkk you Gloria.  And seriously, I don't appreciate your attitude.  I don't give you attitude, you don't give me attitude, we are straight.  I hate grouches..

I'm probably going to get harassed when I go back to the feast tomorrow.  I'm going to get bombarded by everyone, asking "who threw those labels all over the place!?!?" Please, just shut up. I don't work there.  I was doing you people a favor.  Just shuttt up. Thank you =]

That's all for now.  I'm hoping to go to the feast tomorrow, with Keira. And whoever else wants to come.  I want to meet up with Ricky too. Weeeee!

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"Did you paint these ketchup bottles???" [27 Jul 2004|08:52pm]
These past days were awesome.  My mommy dropped me off at Katie's house yesterday around 4:00.  Ashley came over soon after and we just kinda chilled.  Then we went out to dinner at Fridays.  I got  my fried shrimp, which was awesome as usual.  We had this cool waitress.  Haha, Katie... "Excuse me, did you paint these ketchup bottles?" "No, they just came like that" ::Laugh:: Haha, that was so great.  We had a cool waitress even though he didn't give me a refill and he gave Katie and Ashley refills.  It's okay though, I didn't really want one anyway :-P Then we just stayed outside and waited for Katie's mom to pick us up.  We got home, watched TV, and took pictures.  I will post some of them later, once Katie decides to fix them 'cause I'm sure each has red-eye and stuff like that.  We went skinny-dipping and stuff, and then came back, took more pictures, and acted even more crazy.  Ahh I love you girls.  We went to bed at 5:30 in the morning.  I wanted to die when I woke up.  Hehe, it was soo cool though 'cause Lauren's friend Cassie had a kitten that she brought over and she had to give it away because her parents didn't want her to keep it.  Then, Mrs. Mommy said that they got to keep it becauseee she's soo cool.  It's very cute.  (Lauren, I still like the name===Macy Gray.  I think that the kitten likes it too.)  Haha, that was great.  Today we lazed around.... again.. that's all we did.  EXCEPT we played some monopoly.  Ohh yeah baby, good times, good times. 

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[23 Jul 2004|11:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I've noticed that I always wind up updating at night. I must be noctural...

I got up all extra early today so that I could go to Pennsylvania extra early so that my parents could go to a settlement appointment that wasn't extra early. They were rushing me.. "Kaitlin, we are going to be late for our appointment!" We arrive at my grandmothers house at 11:00, and then I'm informed that the appointment isn't until 4:00. How the fuck could they have been late? On another note, I had a good nap in the car. I came equipped with a pillow, my MP3 player, and my Foamy shirt. <<3. When I got here, I took a nap and skipped lunch cause I was oober tired. I woke up, thinking it was 2:00 but it was 1:00. Watched three hours of soaps. God I love being lazy. Oh yes, and the whole time my back was being rubbed by Nana. =]. Then, I took another nap. Then I ate dinner, watched Jeopardy. God, that Ken Jennings guy is still on. It's sad enough that i know his name. He's going to be disgustingly rich. Even more so, the women will be flocking to his nerdy self. Props to you man, but how about sharing the wealth? I'm going to go back to watching MTV now. Wildboyz is on. <<3 Steve-O and Knoxville (even though he is rarely on)

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bye bye billy......... [21 Jul 2004|01:53pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Hmm, so yesterday I went to Woodbridge Mall with some people. Mike's brother and sister picked me up and then we went there. We walked around for a little, and just "chilled." Then we met up with some more people. They left, Jeff and Joey came, heyy it was a party. I went into "Journeys" and to my "surprise" I saw Carlos working. AHHH!!!! I was so happy I haven't seen him since Menlo like.. a while ago. And we didn't even get to really talk cause we were both on our way out. So yeah, I wound up going back to the store like 3 hours later (yeah I was still there) and I said "hey" to him again. I asked him about pink Timbs and he had just gotten some in. Nice! Weee my mommy is going to take me back and get them cause I haven't gotten Timbs in a while. II lovee ya cardboard-boy. And remember, if we don't hang out soon I'm going to kill you.. in the nicest way that is.

I woke up this morning 3 differnet times. The first was because I had to pee, the second was because my mother told me she caught the distructive groundhog that has been destroying all of her plants for the past week or so, and the third time was when I actually "woke up." So, the groundhog, which I formally named "Billy" is gone. :-(. He was a cool dude. Way cool.

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"...yeahh, you are that guy that chased me with a knife." [19 Jul 2004|01:10pm]
Totally crazy weekend, I have to say. On Saturday I went to no one other than Katie Moores house and hung out with Katie and Keira. We just swam around in the pool, ate food [yes!!!] and then went upstairs. I showed them pictures of me new love, yes, that would be the sugar glider. They are adorable, huge responsibility, something I apparently can't handle. (That's according to the people in this household.) Hmm, then I learned how to start up this thing. On Sunday, it was parties everywhere. My neighbor Kristin had graduated from college and she was having a party at the Spain Inn. Ironically enough, it's right down the street. Ironically more, I had never been there. It was alright, just... minus all the seafood..which was about..everything. Sea food = me vomiting all over bathroom floor. Not a nice equation.

Then we had Jaclyn's Sweet Sixteen which was AWESOME! I got reacquainted with lost friends. Amanada was my hardcorreee dancing buddie, and Jaclyn loooked gorgeous! AHH! It's funny, cause no one remembered who I was cause I cut my hair and apparantly looked soo much different. I saw Josh and when he didn't remember who I was I just told him that I was the girl he chased around the room with a knife a few years ago ;-). That jogged the good old memory, didn't it Josh!? I came home exhausted and with blisters on my feet. Ehhhhhh!!

(1:25 AM)

AAAHHHH!! Awesome night. I went to Katie's house and Keira was there too. We walked to a pizza place and ate pizza (duh?) Thank you Katiee for buying me pizza ::looks grateful:: Then we got into "someones" car and we drove around. I was expecting to see Carlos working at Woodbridge Mall. However, when I finally found the stupid store the mall had closed. Bad timing for me yet again. However, crusing on the parkway, blasting William Hung and Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and dancing like fools as Keira looks very scared was fun. I tip my hat to an awesomee niight!
++I'm glad that Keira and I are getting closer because she=awesome!!

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[17 Jul 2004|10:20pm]
heyy everyone. this would be the first entry that I make in my livejournal thingamagig. i hate xanga..very much. so, with the persuasion on miss moore i decided to switch over to this thing. I guess i'll say what's been goin on?

on sunday night i went to laurens nanny's house. we stayed overnight there, and then the next day her aunt picked up lauren and i and we went to their house. it was really nice, it's like 15 minutes from seaside, 20 minutes from six flags. haha, it's great there. so, we went to the bordwalk, beach, and sixflags. and we went in the heated inground pool and hottub. if i could eat that i would say that it was very yummy. lauren-EXTREME UGLY TEAM!!!!!! haha oh my god, there were these ugly kids at six flags. this one had a huge nose, and they wore long shorts and had weird hair. its like... 1) plastiic surgery, 2) get some shorts that are properly lengthed, 3)HAIR... SPRAY. we joked around saying that they were probably jews, and then we found out that they actually were... nice.

ah i put on fake nails and now it is hard to type ;\.. that's it for nowww!

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